Cofield Properties, Inc. has substantial experience in all phases of construction project management and is one of the most comprehensive project management firms in New England. Over slightly more than 25 years, the company and its principals have been responsible for project management and construction supervision, both for its own account and for others, of over $2 billion of construction and development work. This work includes public buildings; office buildings; commercial buildings; institutional buildings; industrial buildings; medical facilities; mixed-use properties; residential properties, including apartment buildings, elderly apartments, condominiums, and luxury single family homes; sub-divisions; recreation properties; and environmental projects. In 2002, Cofield was retained as one of the project managers for the high profile $800 million Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Geographically, the work has taken the firm from the Mid-Atlantic States to throughout New England. The firm has been involved in new construction and substantial renovation work. It has also been responsible for the construction project scheduling, supervision and the installation of heavy equipment, i.e. the installation of a 300-ton wheel press. On some assignments, the work has included designing floor plans and presenting various layout options for commercial properties. Cofield has worked for corporations, non-profit organizations, government entities, real estate trusts, and individuals. It has pulled building permits and has obtained approvals from local planning boards, conservation authorities, and environmental agencies. Cofield has hired architects, lawyers, engineers, consultants, general contractors, and subcontractors representing virtually every building trade. In a few select instances, Cofield has been a general contractor.

On various projects, Cofield has made presentations to boards of directors, local community groups, and to many varied committees. The firm has been involved in projects where it has had virtually no reporting responsibility, except with a directive to “get the job done”. In other assignments, the firm has had very structured reporting responsibilities with strict documentation requirements. The firm’s project assignments have been equally varied. Cofield has been involved in assignments from project conception through lease-up or move-in and in other assignments it has only been involved in specific supervision tasks, such as construction supervision for lending purposes. The firm’s services and partnerships include:

  • Construction Supervision: Cofield focuses on individual investors, real estate trusts, corporations, education and health care institutions, and financial institutions seeking expert advice, supervision, guidance, and management when building or renovating significant structures. Typically, the firm’s services commence in the planning stage and continue through lease-up, build-out, or sale. Occasionally, these services are designed for specific purposes, such as construction supervision for lenders.
  • Real Estate Development Planning: Cofield assists individual investors, real estate trusts, and corporations which lack the expertise and/or other resources to plan and implement a specific real estate development strategy. More often than not, this work includes obtaining required approvals from local planning boards, conservation commissions, environmental commissions, independent planning authorities, zoning boards, boards of health, historical commissions, and water related authorities.Selecting a construction project manager means choosing a firm that is knowledgeable in all phases of development and construction AND has the dedication and energy to see projects through every step of the process. Experience in managing complex projects is Cofield’s calling.The firm’s insight and enthusiasm results from meeting its clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Cofield simply enjoys the challenge of bringing projects to their successful completion. Over the years, the firm has found that there is no substitute for dedication and hard work. Because the client’s interests are the firm’s obligation, Cofield is committed to bringing the highest level of professional service to every project, whether commercial, industrial, residential, or mixed-use. The firm is committed to providing the BEST project management and real estate consultancy services available.


COFIELD PROPERTIES, INC. is a project management and real estate development firm formed in 1986 to capitalize on unique opportunities offered by its affiliate company, Malmart Mortgage Company, Inc.


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